Empowerment Programs

A frequent speaker at conventions, symposiums, association meetings, parent groups and schools, Dr. Liz is well-recognized as a leading authority on the health and well-being of youth.

She delights teen and adult audiences with her insightful and interactive presentations by connecting with the audience so they are engaged in the self-discovery process. Dr. Liz has created and delivered workshops for numerous organizations including Raritan Valley Community College, Middlesex Regional Chamber of Commerce, the Congressional Caucus on Black Women and Girls, and NY/NJ Teen Expo. Program participants leave empowered with the confidence to achieve their goals and the conviction to make the powerful choices needed to transform their lives.

Teens today face many challenges. Effectively handling these changes is crucial to developing confident and successful young adults. Dr. Liz’s interactive seminars and workshops are designed to provide the tools and resources to effectively address the challenges that teens and their parents face today.


Seminar for Parents

As a parent of a teenage daughter, Dr. Liz knows the challenges that parents face coping with their youth. Parents must thoughtfully guide their child through the teenage years…

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Seminars for Teens

Dr. Liz delights teenage audiences with her powerful, yet casual presentation style. The power comes through the message that she delivers – inspiring youth to take control, transform and move their lives forward.

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Seminars for Organizations

Dr. Liz can deliver any of her empowerment seminars at an event for your organization. She can also create a seminar uniquely for you and serve as a facilitator or moderator for panel discussions…

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Appearances Book Dr. Liz

“Self-doubt will make you powerless while self-confidence will make you powerful.”
– Dr. Liz