Empower Educators, Administrators and Other Professionals Programs

After talking to thousands of young people in my practice over the years, I have become masterful at hearing and listening to teens and young adults in ways that provide access to whole new levels of communication.  

My professional development seminars are designed to provide educators, administrators and other professionals with the skills to engage and connect with teens on a level that will allow them to truly make a difference. I share my insights on how to reach teens by intuitively listening to what they are saying, uncovering what they are not saying, and developing a heightened awareness of why teens keep certain things to themselves.

The seminars below are representative of the programs I can present to enrich and empower your team. Each program can be customized to meet your professional development and training goals. Full day, half day, and 1.5 hour seminars can be delivered at your location or online.

How to Make “That” Kid a Great Kid: Looking Through a Different Lens

This workshop focuses on the lens through which we see and listen to young people. Participants will learn to adjust their filters to capture a snapshot of the true essence of teens, see them through a fresh lens, and approach them from a different point of view.

How to Read Between the Lines: Mastering the Skill of Intuitive Listening

An important part of listening is realizing that something is not being said. Someone is holding back because they are afraid of being judged or rejected. Often what a teen doesn’t say is more important than what they do say. Participants will learn how to listen to all sensory components and intuitively connect with a teen’s real message. By focusing on what is being said, as well as the speaker’s tone of voice, body language, energy level, feelings, and other signals, you are more likely to discover what a teen is not saying and why. Intuitive listening is powerful because it allows you to connect with teens at a higher level, engage them in purposeful conversations, and break down the barriers that stand in the way of making an impact on their lives.

How to Increase Performance: Focusing on What Matters

This workshop gives participants tools outside the realm of “doing” that will take a teen’s performance to a whole new level. Many people think that they must do something to increase a teen’s performance such as teaching them a different technique, saying something to motivate them, or getting them to understand something in a different way. While “doing” is integral to performance enhancement, participants will learn to focus on what matters and will be provided with powerful methods to encourage teens to develop their talents and make contributions to their communities.

Reigniting the Fire: Living Your Life With Purpose and Passion

Burnout and stress are common in countless professions. Many people lose the passion they once had for their career and find themselves going through the motions of life rather than fully engaging in it. They become overwhelmed with doing day to day tasks and forget to look at the big picture. This workshop will reengage participants with their profession by reigniting their enthusiasm, drive, and creativity. It will give them the tools they need to live a life of purpose and passion.


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