“Dr. Liz = Pure gold!  She’s made for TV both in looks, knowledge, and her ability to speak in bites. Dr. Liz has great chemistry with Dr. Steve. We would welcome her back on the show. She is a Star!”

 Dave Brown, Executive Producer
“Dr. Steve Show,” New York, New York

“If every physician who treats children in this world was as dynamic and dedicated as Dr. Elizabeth Henry – or “Dr. Liz,” as we know her at Saint Peter’s – the overall health of children everywhere would take a dramatic leap forward.
Dr. Liz is the model pediatrician. I say that not only because of her doctoring skills, but because of Dr. Liz’s consistent willingness to preach the mantra of improving children’s health in every forum that is available to her.
Dr. Liz has been a steady and forceful voice for children as a public speaker, as an expert guest on numerous radio and television shows, and in a variety of published articles in the print media. As a media professional myself, I’m always impressed by her enthusiasm and skill in advancing the cause of better health for children and teens, and their families.”

Phil Hartman, VP/Chief Communications Officer
Saint Peter’s Healthcare System, New Brunswick, NJ

“Dr. Liz is a dynamic speaker and motivator for young people.  Her talks provide teens with opportunities for clarity, guidance and reflection on foundations for making empowering choices.  Her tips offer solutions for some of the most challenging concerns parents and teens experience. Her website is a great resource.”

Terri Evans-Bailey

“Find your voice and you will find yourself.”
– Dr. Liz