Talking To Your Kids About The Riots & COVID-19

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Your kids need the time and space to process what’s happening around them. They have heard about and perhaps seen graphic video of George Floyd being killed by a police officer. They are seeing protests break out in major cities across America. They are hearing about racial injustices, inequality, and calls for police reform. They […]

Honoring My Calling

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Why did I decide to become a pediatrician? The idea first occurred to me when I was in sixth or seventh grade. My pediatrician was Dr. Williams, the son of the famous poet and physician, William Carlos Williams. I was extremely upset after I went and saw his partner, Dr. Martin, who told me that […]


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Before the advent of today’s technology, a bully was defined as a person who frightens, hurts, or threatens a smaller and/or weaker person.  Cyberbullying has altered this traditional definition because it is a form of bullying that occurs using technology like computers, cell phones, and iPads. Since the bullies don’t have to be physically present, […]

Screen Time

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Limiting screen time, including television, computers, and smart phones is important in order to provide opportunities for children to grow and develop in other areas. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends limiting all screen time to less than 2 hours a day to encourage activities like exercise, reading and the development of interpersonal communication and […]