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Parent and Child Bonding

Dr. Liz can present any seminar in her Empowerment Program for Parents or Teens at your event or develop a customized program for you. She delights teen and adult audiences with her insightful and interactive presentations by connecting with the audience so they are engaged in the self-discovery process.

Dr. Liz has created and delivered workshops for numerous organizations including Raritan Valley Community College, Middlesex Regional Chamber of Commerce, the Congressional Caucus on Black Women and Girls, and NY/NJ Teen Expo. She is an expert at creating and facilitating powerful interactions that give young people the freedom and self-expression to pursue their goals and dreams, as well as empowering adults to fully support them. Dr. Liz is available to:

  • Be the keynote speaker for a conference
  • Speak to your audience for a half or full day
  • Present a seminar during your program
  • Facilitate a panel discussion


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“One of the only things you control in life is how you react to any given situation.”
– Dr. Liz