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Dr. Liz delights teenage audiences with her powerful, yet casual presentation style. The power comes through the connection she makes with the audience and the message that she delivers – inspiring teens to take control, transform and move their lives forward.


The following are popular topics in Dr. Liz’s Empower Teens Program:

Stand Up For Yourself

Bullying has and continues to be an issue. Once a teen is identified as a target his/her life could be changed forever. Many teens that fall victim to bullying have low self-esteem, affecting everything from their grades to participating in sports/activities and the quality of their social life. This seminar provides teens with tools and techniques to deal with bullies, manage their feelings, and stand up for themselves.

Is the “In-Crowd” the “Right Crowd” for You?

Every teen wants to be popular. Even so, being a member of the “in-crowd” could have consequences if a teen does not have the self-confidence to say “no.” Teens participating in this seminar will learn how to think independently and have the conviction to stand up for their own beliefs.

Social Connections

Computers, cell phones and other devices are an integral part of teenage life. As a result, teens spend more time on computers, cell phones and other devices and less time socializing in person. Teens will learn the value of communicating off-line, the consequences of spending too much time online, and the benefits of finding a balance between the two.

Expanding Possibilities

Developing a well-rounded personality requires interests outside of the classroom. This seminar focuses on the rewards of being involved in sports and other extracurricular activities – including community service and volunteering. Teens will learn how to be a responsible team player and that there is a world beyond them.

Teenage Addiction

Vaping, smoking weed and teenage drinking is widespread. Equally alarming is the number of young adults on opioids and other highly-addictive drugs. Generally, teens start getting high or drinking because of peer pressure and the belief that it is accepted in society. Participants will learn to have the self-confidence to live a sober life, as well as how vamping, drugs and alcohol will really impact their future. Just because “everyone smokes weed” does not mean that they should too.

It’s My Life

Everyone needs a roadmap to determine where they are going and how they are going to get there. Establishing goals will ensure that teens realize their dreams. Participants will learn how to align their actions with their life vision, as well as how their actions today will impact their future.

You’re Awesome

Growing up today is more challenging than ever. Teens need to develop the self-esteem to face their particular situation. They also need to be empowered to make their own choices and come to their own conclusions. This seminar will provide teens with the confidence to be true to themselves so they cannot only survive but excel.


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“Only you can define who you will be.”
– Dr. Liz