Happy Valentine’s Day!

My husband took me to the Sheila E concert on Saturday as a pre-Valentine’s Day gift. She was amazing!

There were all kinds of people in the room. Nobody cared about anyone’s political affiliation, gender, race, or sexuality. At the end of the concert, Sheila E mentioned how music and love unites us all. And it does. Love leaves no room for hate. It’s important to let people know that you love them.

Valentine’s Day is special. It’s a day in honor of St. Valentine, the patron saint of lovers, so for many people, it represents romantic love. Some people celebrate the day with their favorite Valentine, but many have used Valentine’s Day to celebrate all their loved ones.

In elementary school, I used to sit with my mother to address “Be my Valentine” cards. Remember those boxes of cards? I couldn’t wait to pass them out with heart-shaped candies to all my classmates. Now, many of us also celebrate Galentine’s Day, the friendship version of Valentine’s Day.

Since today is the day of love, take the time to celebrate your love for your children. We often assume our children know we love them. We drive them to their activities, buy them new clothes, and pay for their phones, games, and other extras, so it should be evident that we love them. Well, it’s not.

The best way for them to know you love them is to tell them directly to their face (no, a card won’t do). Saying “I love you” and giving them a big hug is a big deal to them. They may not admit it, but it is. So do it anyway. I promise it’s exactly what your kids need and want from you.