Protect Kids from Guns

Gun Free School Zone
Have you heard about the six-year-old in Newport News, VA, who shot his school teacher? I couldn’t believe what I was reading!

This past Friday, a first-grade student shot his teacher, who is now in a hospital with life-threatening injuries. The shooting doesn’t appear to be an accident! The news reports state that the student used the gun during an altercation and was taken into police custody. What is this world coming to?

As a society, we must re-evaluate the world we have created for our children. We wonder why we have anxious kids and anxious parents. The answer is obvious. Our children can’t just be kids. They have to be concerned with far more than “stranger danger.” A school is no longer a safe place for them to learn. Being hurt or even killed in the classroom is a real and valid threat.

How do we keep our kids safe while upholding the 2nd Amendment? It starts at home. The best option is not to have guns in the house, but that’s unrealistic for many families who own guns for sport, occupation, or protection.

If you have guns in the house, please lock them away and practice gun safety.

  • Guns should be stored, unloaded, and locked away, with the ammunition stored in a separate location.
  • Always keep the safety catch on until you are ready to shoot.
  • Do not put a loaded gun down. You may get distracted, and your child may pick it up.
  • Ask about whether or not there are guns in the homes your child visits. If firearms are in those homes, make sure they are stored in a locked area.
  • Talk to your kids about the dangers of guns.
  • Ensure they know not to touch a gun and tell you if they see one immediately.

Even if you don’t have firearms in your home, you may have a family member or friend who is a gun owner. Please circulate these tips to remind them about gun safety. It’s up to us to keep our children safe.

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Let’s help our children!