Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays! Enjoy your time with family and friends. We have a family tradition of spending one or two days in NYC during the Christmas holiday. We go to Rockefeller Center to see the tree, watch a show or movie, and enjoy the festive atmosphere and holiday spirit. There is no place like NYC during the holidays. If you haven’t experienced it, definitely put that on your bucket list. What holiday traditions does your family have?
What new traditions can you create? While everyone is home for the holidays, it’s a perfect time to practice a few of the strategies in my book. My suggestion is to spend time interviewing your teen.

Instead of assuming you know their likes and dislikes, why not ask them? You’ll be surprised by some of their answers.

When I interviewed my daughter for my podcast, she blew me away with her insightfulness. I couldn’t believe my quirky, unconventional little girl grew up to be such a profound thinker! By sitting down and asking her questions, I learned a lot about her worldview, and she educated me on the thought process of Generation Z. Her answers demonstrated that she had her own opinions, dreams, and ideas. When I allowed her to express her thoughts fully, I saw another side of her. I could appreciate her full humanity and see her as a person rather than merely my daughter.

I think everyone should take the time to interview their teen. You gain invaluable information to boost your connection with them. In return, let them interview you.

Be interested in their answer. Please, whatever you do, DON’T INTERRUPT, JUDGE, DEFEND, OR GIVE YOUR OPINION. If you do, the interview will backfire and your kids will shut down, so just listen and don’t take what they say personally. And if they give you one-word answers or don’t want to talk, that’s fine too. If you give them the space to be themselves and practice the strategies in the book, your connection will strengthen. It takes time. Below are some questions you can use, but feel free to create your own.

1. What do you like about your life?
2. What don’t you like about your life?
3. What do I do that annoys you?
4. What do I do that you love?
5. What can you depend on me for?
6. What can’t you depend on me for?
7. What worries you?
8. What makes you happy?
9. What makes you sad or angry?
10. If you could do one thing, what would it be and why?

All the best enjoying time with your family!
Dr. Liz